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Countertops in Dunedin and Seminole, FL

When it’s time to upgrade your home's old and outdated countertops, Coastal Flooring America has you covered in Dunedin and Seminole, FL. If you wish to improve your home's value and enhance your interior design, investing in countertop replacement may be the ideal solution.

We offer different types of countertops in varying prices, sizes, styles, and materials. With so many options at our store, you will surely find the ideal addition for your kitchen or bathroom. Our design specialists will work closely with you throughout the selection process to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Kitchen Countertops & Bathroom Countertops

Our in-store design experts will assist you in determining the right countertop for your home. Our design specialists will work closely with you to understand your vision and meet your design expectations. The following are some of the leading countertop options available at our store:

Stone Countertops – Stone is an extremely durable and naturally beautiful material. We offer different types of stone countertops, allowing you to find the solution that fits seamlessly with your existing interior design.  

Marble Countertops – No two pieces of marble are alike, making it a unique addition to any space. Available in varying patterns and hues, there is no style or scheme that can’t be enhanced by one of the high-end marble countertops from our selection.

Granite Countertops – You simply can’t go wrong by choosing to place classic granite countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. Its timeless appearance and guaranteed value make it a wise investment for even the choosiest of homeowners. It remains easy to clean, and is available in countless colors and finishes.

Quartz Countertops – Quartz is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to other more costly countertop materials. Made from a combination of quartz, resins, polymers, and pigments, quartz countertops offer a granite-like appearance, along with proven durability. The controlled manufacturing process allows us to control the hue, pattern, and color of the surface.

Countertop Installation Services

When you purchase countertops from our catalog, we encourage you to take advantage of the countertop installation performed by on-staff experts. Our team has undergone extensive training to become familiar with the installation processes for the many products and materials we offer.

They always utilize proven tools and techniques to complete jobs promptly. Before we begin the installation process, we’ll even provide you with professional measurements and a project estimate.

Contact us today to speak to an expert about new countertops. We proudly serve Dunedin and Seminole, FL, and the surrounding communities.

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